Amtrak seeks daily Cincinnati-New York-Chicago service

Amtrak seeks daily Cincinnati-New York-Chicago service

Amtrak submitted applications for $716 million in Federal Railroad Administration Funding for 16 projects around the country, including the Cardinal, with the aim of improving reliability, cutting travel times and expanding service.

Amtrak is asking for $5 million for the Cardinal at this time – $500,000 to plan daily service and $4.4 million to make improvements to speed up service between Indianapolis and Dyer.

On the thrice-weekly Cardinal, service would become daily, with speeds increased to reduce the travel times between Indianapolis and Dyer, Ind., a suburb of Chicago. Increased speeds would improve the current, scheduled 8 hour and 19 minute trip between Cincinnati’s Union Terminal and Chicago’s Union Station. The improvements would shorten travel times on the Indianapolis-Dyer section by about 56 minutes.

The Cardinal is the only Amtrak service in Cincinnati today and arrives and departs in the middle of the night. Amtrak’s long-term vision is for four trains per day.

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