Cincinnati hotels are redesigning their spaces to suit the ‘modern maverick

Cincinnati hotels are redesigning their spaces to suit the ‘modern maverick

The line between work and leisure has become so blurred that every hotel must be amenity-rich and every space must be as inviting as it is work-ready.

“Post-pandemic there’s a rush to get out of our homes and enjoy things. On vacation, you want to stay in a place that tells a cool story, which you can then tell to your family and friends to explain how neat it was.”  said Chris Shaw, lead brand designer at Norris Design.

Crawford Hoying selected Denver-based Norris Design to develop the brand for Hotel Celare, a forthcoming $68 million hotel next to the University of Cincinnati. The brand, “curating curiosity,” will emerge as a through line connecting every point of guest engagement from the hotel’s gathering spaces to its individual rooms.

A unique story creates the sort of differentiating experience hotel guests demand nowadays. But guests are also motivated by the blurring line between their lives and their jobs. Completely unplugging is increasingly rare; people can now leverage the work-from-anywhere world to stay plugged in while traveling, saving their vacation days.

Hotels must have spaces to accommodate, whether that’s a little nook where you can take a quick Teams call, a supremely comfortable chair to work on a project for hours or a fully fledged videoconferencing suite.

“There’s never been a crossover in markets like there is right now,” said Jonny Hofmann, senior design architect at Cincinnati-based Elevar Design Group. “Office amenities at home, lounge amenities in the office. Homes are becoming places to recreate. We’re taking lessons from the cross-pollination of markets and applying them to hospitality.”

Hotel brands are looking for more inviting social spaces to make these modern mavericks feel more at home on the road – elevated dining experiences, more experiential bars and lounges, 24-hour markets and more.

Hotel brands are even pumping in scents throughout the lobbies and social spaces for a more unique and relaxing experience, Hofmann said.

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