Covington releases first RFPs for massive IRS site redevelopment

Covington releases first RFPs for massive IRS site redevelopment

The city of Covington is seeking developers and real estate brokers to transform the first parcels of the former IRS site along the Ohio River.

The city put out four requests for proposals (RFPs) May 30, for the Covington Central Riverfront, the 23-acre former IRS tax-processing facility located just west of Madison Avenue and north of Fourth Street. In total, the site includes 17 pieces of land ranging from 2.6 acres to just under one-third of an acre.

Covington’s economic development director, Tom West, said the city has a holistic approach to economic development, and the riverfront property will be no different. The city wants to prioritize working with small, local developers on the property, and it doesn’t want the entire development to have a uniform design. The city is seeking a “wide range of contemporary architecture styles” throughout the riverfront, according to each of the RFPs.

Recommendations are expected to be made by staff to the Covington Board of Commissioners in late July or early August, according to the release.

Covington has already worked with architectural firm KZF Design on the site’s “horizontal infrastructure,” including street grid, utilities, parking and other public infrastructure. West said KZF’s work will also include the levee park.

The city of Covington purchased the IRS site in 2020 after the facility closed in 2019. The facility was demolished in 2022.

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