New Golf Course coming to Clermont County

New Golf Course coming to Clermont County – few able to enjoy

Located three miles north of Batavia, Veterans Club, encompasses 265 acres of unmatched beautiful scenery, with a 35 acre lake and 2 ponds.

The club will be private and not cheap. Billed as a “high-end private that doesn’t exist in Cincinnati” as Developer, Jeff Osterfeld, told the business Courier reporter, Steve Watkins.

While the membership cost hasn’t been determined yet, prospective members can expect to pay over $100,000 a year. There are currently 150-200 members lined up, queueing up future membership fees of $15m – $20m.

Jeff’s son and partner in the venture, Jake Osterfeld, clarified that this will not be a country club. There will be no swimming pool, tennis courts or family amenities, preferring to think of it as a “Sportsmen’s Club” catering to an exclusive group, and plans to host fishing and hunting events on the property.

Jeff Osterfeld is the CEO and founder of Penn Station. Penn Station is Greater Cincinnati’s 55th-largest private company, with $264 million in 2022 revenue, according to Courier research.

The Osterfeld’s dream course is expected to open in 2027.

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