Dayton Industrial Market Continues Positive Momentum

Dayton Industrial Market Continues Positive Momentum

A $265 million mixed-use neighborhod development is planned for just south of Dayton.

Dillin LLC of Springboro and Borror, a Columbus developer specializing in multi-family properties, have submitted an application for the rezoning of The Easton Farm, a 105-acre parcel of land on the west side of 741 just south of Anna drive and north of Tamarack in Springboro. The community would include a commercial district, parks, walking/biking paths, a multi-family project, an independent living project, townhomes and single-family homes.

“We’ve been working on the possibilities of this very special piece of ground in the heart of the Springboro community since 2017,” said Larry Dillin, president and CEO of Dillin LLC, a local development company co-developer of the project. “As with all of our developments, we extend our planning beyond the borders of the property to bring Springboro something new and special, but also something that adds value and connectivity to the rest of the community.”

The Easton Farm is an in-town neighborhood on the historic ‘Easton Farm’ site in Springboro. The Easton Farm concept takes inspiration from the townscapes of small, historic Ohio villages, while incorporating updated ideas for streetscapes, parks, open spaces and connective pathways as a platform for a variety of market rate residences and mixed-use commercial district facing 741. Tree-lined streets will connect the residential neighborhood to the mixed-use district and to its service offerings. Sidewalks, bike paths, greenways along with interspersed community amenities will encourage pedestrian interconnection and walkability both within The Easton Farm site and to the adjacent city parks and neighborhoods.

Borror will be the co-developer of the project and the developer and owner of the proposed multi-family project on the site.

Founded in 2008, Borror specializes in building mid-rise, mixed-use buildings and manages over 15,000 places to live in Central Ohio. Prior to starting Borror, Doug Borror and Lori Steiner worked together at Dominion Homes, developing 25,000 lots and building 40,000 homes as well as designing and completed 15 master-planned communities. Dominion Homes had a successful public offering in 1994 under Doug Borror’s leadership.

“We plan to create a gem in Springboro,” said Steiner, president of Borror. “It will feel both suburban and urban with the walkability of an urban neighborhood and the relaxed feel of a suburban community”.

Borror projects in the Short North, Downtown and Near Eastside Columbus market are individually designed projects with the amenities required for todays lifestyle.

“It’s not about ‘more’, its about ‘better’” said Doug Borror, CEO for Borror. “How we do things leads to how others perceive them, and that’s important to us. We care about experiences and we choose to create a rich, deep texture to add to the fabric of every day life. We have high expectations for each of our projects, and Springboro will be a ‘next level’ opportunity for living in the community.”